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Pentecostes hoje: o Espírito que dá vida contra os hostis à vida


Leonardo Boff

 A festa de Pentecostes deste ano a 8 de junho, nos cria a oportunidade de pensar sobre o significado do Espírito Santo com referência às ameaças atuais que pesam sobre a vida, e especialmente sobre a vida dos pobres deste mundo. As Escrituras dizem que “o Espírito é vida” (Rm 8,10). Afirmar que “o Espírito é vida” equivale a dizer que o Espírito está continuamente criando e dando suporte ao universo, à Mãe Terra e ao sistema-vida hoje ameaçado. O Espírito está do lado e dentro daqueles que menos vida têm. Grande parte da humanidade, especialmente na África, na Ásia e na América Latina vive num mundo estranho e hostil à vida. Há séculos são dominados por outras nações e suas terras lhes são roubadas para garantir o nível de consumo irrestrito das potências outrora colonizadoras e que nos dia atuais continuam recolonizando. Fizeram uma divisão mundial do trabalho:…

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I’m Still Here (

She said to me, over the phone
She wanted to see other people
I thought, well then
Look around, they’re everywhere
Said that she was confused
I thought, darlin’, join the club
24 years old, mid-life crisis
Nowadays hits you when you’re young
I hung up, she called back, I hung up again
The process had already started
Least it happened quick
I swear I died inside that night
A friend, he’d called, I didn’t mention a thing
The last thing he said was “be sound”, sound
I contemplated an awful thing, I hate to admit
I just thought those would be such appropriate last words
But, I’m still here, and small
So small, how could this trouble seam so big
So big
Well the palms in the breeze still blow green
And the waves in the sea still absolute blue
But the horror
Every single thing I see is a reminder of her
Never thought I’d curse the day I met her
And since she’s gone, and wouldn’t hear
Who would care
What good would that do
But I’m still here
So I imagine in a month or 12
I’ll be somewhere having a drink
Laughing at a stupid joke
Or just another stupid thing
And I can see myself stopping short
Drifting out of the present
Sucked by the under tow and pulled out deep
And there I am standing
Wet grass and white head stones, all in rows
And in the distance there’s one off on it’s own
So I stop, kneel
My new home
And I picture a sober awakening
A re-entry into this little bar scene
Sip my drink till the ice hits my lip
Order another round
And that’s it for now
Sorry, never been too good at happy endings